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Stephanie Price: The show must go on!

Stephanie received her BA from Indiana University and moved to the Big Smoke shortly thereafter.  She describes herself as just another starving artist living in east London.


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ActorsLIFE:  Tell us about your career. When did it start? How did you discover your talent?

Stephanie:  My fourth grade teacher got me into performing. She knew that I was shy and got made fun of by some of my classmates, so she encouraged me to try out for a play that my elementary school was putting on that year. I have her to thank for my love of the stage.

ActorsLIFE:  How is your career unfolding?

Stephanie:  I’d hardly call what I have a ‘career’, but things really started for me in 2014, when I was cast in ‘Shooting Clerks’, the Kevin Smith biopic. We won three awards touring it in North America last fall and the film is getting a worldwide release later this year.

ActorsLIFE:  What do you enjoy the most about acting?

Stephanie:  Acting is an opportunity to express pure, emotional effusion. If I were to suddenly burst into tears on the street, people would think I was a lunatic. To do the same thing on stage while performing Ophelia in Hamlet, however, would be considered appropriate.  Acting is recognizing and fully connecting to intense, raw emotions and instincts, and then wholly living through and sharing them. There’s a vulnerability to it that’s hugely addicting, and in a lot of ways, for me, it’s an answer to loneliness.

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ActorsLIFE:  What were some of your favorite experiences as an actor?

Stephanie:  I’ll share a kind-of embarrassing story, but one that still makes me smile.  I had been cast as the lead in a new play which was to be performed at a fringe theatre in London, and I was thrilled. We spent about a month rehearsing and things were shaping up nicely. Then, on the night of the performance, we turned up to find that we had sold just one ticket.  The director was understandably disappointed but, as they say, “The show must go on!”  The rush that followed my first performance on a London stage made me realize that, whether I was performing for one person or a thousand people, it really didn’t matter. I just love to act.  I try to carry this appreciation with me into every audition, meeting, and rehearsal.

ActorsLIFE:  What are some of your personal and/or professional goals for the future?

Stephanie:  To make a living doing what I love with people I enjoy being around, who also sharpen my skills as an actor.

ActorsLIFE:  What has been your personal key to success?

Stephanie:  I think that’s a difficult question to answer. Success is a very personal thing, and something that I’ve never equated to society’s definition of it: money and power.

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ActorsLIFE:  Who are the actors you most admire?

Stephanie:  There are a lot of them. The ones springing to mind are: Mary-Louise Parker, Carey Mulligan, and Kate Fleetwood.

ActorsLIFE:  What are the best ways to get a job?

Stephanie:  If you don’t have an agent, check out casting websites like Spotlight, CastingCall Pro, or StarNow. There are even Facebook groups that post casting calls from time to time.

ActorsLIFE:  What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to become an actor?

Stephanie:  Reconsider? No, only joking!  Do it because you love it. You have to really, really love it.

ActorsLIFE:  Tell us something that nobody else might not know about you!?

Stephanie:  I’m ambidextrous. I write with my left hand but play most sports with my right.

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Anthony trained as an Actor at one of the North's most prestigious theatre training Universities Bretton Hall. Having a successful career Performing, Producing and Directing Theatre, Musical Theatre and Theatre In Education, he went on to follow another passion as a Headshot Photographer however his heart truly remains on stage.

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