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Lee James Holland ~ Set yourself some goals

ActorsLIFE:  Tell us about your career. When did it start? How did you discover your talent?

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Lee:  It all started around a year ago when I saw an advertisement on a certain social media site (we can all guess which one ) for aspiring actors, I thought you know what! I am going for this and applied. Later that evening I received an acceptance call from Eirian Cohen, a truly remarkable woman who has worked her way through the acting world and now runs Northern Star Acting Academy.  I jumped at the chance and shortly after I received my first taste of the red carpet at an awards ceremony in which I was plucked from the crowd along with other actors for an on the spot improvisation.  It went rather well as I pretended to be a dog sniffing other actors behind and trickling down their trouser leg.  A few weeks passed and while I was networking I stumbled across a role as a protester in a short film been filmed nearby, again I jumped at the chance and set about doing what I do best, for this I gained an IMDb credit (the first of many).   The film is set to premiere on the 29th of April and I am really looking forward to seeing it on the big screen.  The next adventure came from within Northern Star has Eirian was shooting a documentary for the Chanel Made in Leeds, a six week mini series looking at the challenges we face to becoming the best we can be.

ActorsLIFE:  How is your career unfolding?

Lee:  When I first started I was pushing every boundary I could and at times was probably juggling to many things , the business side was done, the website was done, the headshots were done and the showreel all in a matter of months of starting.  I maybe rushed a little and would have been better to take time and do one thing at once but I wouldn’t be where I am now (hard work does pay off ).

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ActorsLIFE:  What do you enjoy the most about acting?

Lee:  I enjoy the whole experience from start to finish, the fun you have on set doesn’t feel like work.  The friends you make along the way not only help you but even put you forward or at least let you know about positions that are not suitable for them but they thing you will do well at.

ActorsLIFE:  What were some of your favorite experiences as an actor?

Lee:  I think there are a few favourites really, Scare fest in Leeds was great, dressing up as a clown and then roaming the streets was not the best way to get people to come see you.  Made in Leeds was great to let people know that no matter how many obstacles are put in front of you always go for your dreams.

ActorsLIFE:  What are some of your personal and/or professional goals for the future?

Lee:  Personally I want the bright lights of Hollywood knocking at my door, a blockbuster and as I said on made in Leeds, Johnny Depp feeding me grapes as I lounge beside my pool lol.

ActorsLIFE:  What has been your personal key to success?

Lee:  Hard work and determination is key and resilience – you will get mocked and laughed at along the way by people you don’t expect it from but hold your head high and prove them wrong.

ActorsLIFE:  Who are the actors you most admire?

Lee:  Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, David Jason, there really are hundreds.

ActorsLIFE:  What are the best ways to get a job?

Lee:  I find most of my work comes from social media and CCP (CastingCallPro) also Casting Networks

ActorsLIFE:  What do you think are the main challenges facing actors today?

Lee:  With the economy as it is there are a lot of actors who still hold down a 9-5 job so having the time and an understanding employer is good start. And the biggest challenge of all is getting those all important credits.

ActorsLIFE:  What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to become an actor?

Lee:  Find your local acting school and approach them if not there are plenty to choose from, I love my Acting Academy and would highly recommend them.  Set yourself goals and dates by when you want to achieve them, don’t worry if you miss the date as long as you have moved closer to achieving what you have set out.

ActorsLIFE:  How is the job market now in the industry? How do you think it will be in five years?

Lee:  There are loads of jobs out there to get you started.  Student films, short films or commercial work.  I can’t see any reason why the need for new actors would fall within the next five years.

ActorsLIFE:  Do you need an agent? How do you get one?

Lee:  You would benefit from an agent but only if it’s a good one, also choose one where you are different to the rest of their clients so you stand out more.  You can find them through your acting schools or online but do research them as some that do crop up are fake.

ActorsLIFE:  Are there any upcoming projects and/or events that you would like to mention?

Lee:  2miles under is set to premiere on the 29th of April 2017 directed by Dave Thorpe, also staring myself.

ActorsLIFE:  Tell us something that nobody else might not know about you!?

Lee:  I grew up on the council estate close to me and never thought back then I would be a film star.

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