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Day Rooney ~ Obsess is success!

Day is a local lad from Harpurhey, Manchester. He’s been acting for 15 months and enjoys working as a professional actor.  His motto  ‘you’re only as good as your last job!’


ActorsLIFE:  Tell us about your career. When did it start? How did you discover your talent?
Day:  My journey started back in January of 2016 when I applied to join Act Up North, here in Manchester.  I was invited to attend an audition with a place in the academy at steak, providing the tutor of that class, Mr David J Crowley, saw potential in me. I gave it my utmost in that audition and secured myself a place in their fine academy. I went on to learn a tonne from their incredible talented tutors Mr David J Crowley and Mr Barry Evans.

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ActorsLIFE:  How is your career unfolding?
Day:  Yeah I think it’s safe to say that I’m most probably one of, if not the most active actor in this city at the moment. I’ve worked endlessly every single day for the last 12/13 months now, securing work on a daily basis as well as accepting rejection too. My support network is growing bigger by the day, and not just in a national way. I’m also getting a lot of recognition overseas. My overseas support makes up about 65/70% of my following, which is brilliant, the support I am getting shown is absolutely astonishing.  The feedback is nothing but positivity! I’m auditioning and securing work on a daily basis and sometimes auditions aren’t even needed now, which is great! So yeah, my journeys going great I think!
ActorsLIFE:  What do you enjoy the most about acting?
Day:  The fact that I get to become a child again, relive my youth days and have endless amounts of fun portraying a character. Let’s be real here.. who wouldn’t love my job!
ActorsLIFE:  What were some of your favourite experiences as an actor?
Day:  I personally have enjoyed every single opportunity that has come my way, it’s impossible to choose one as my favourite as they all mean so much to me, but for different reasons. I can’t put one experience any higher than another. They all have vital memories and feelings behind them.
ActorsLIFE:  What are some of your personal and/or professional goals for the future?
Day:  I’ll be forever aspiring as an actor, so I set myself up every single day to fail! Because if I fail I stand to learn a tonne from that! However if I don’t fail, I’ve simply won that round!
ActorsLIFE:  What has been your personal key to success?
Day:  Obsess. Simple! Obsess is success! I average 16/18 hours a day, every single day as an investment into my business. But I maintain the fun factor, and I think because I’m so in love with what I do, it balances my journey out. You can’t achieve anything without sacrifice and discipline.

ActorsLIFE:  Who are the actors you most admire?
Day:  Travis Fimmel, Clive Standen, Al Pacino.  The list is endless too many to list!
ActorsLIFE:  What are the best ways to get a job?
Day:  By ransacking as many casting websites as possible! Get yourself some strong profiles on the likes of: StarNow, CCP, Backstage, (if you’re just starting out as an actor/actress that is) networking is KEY in this industry, and sometimes your only as good as your name! Even if you are an established actor or actress, none of these casting sites are below you. They are a fantastic source of work and also a great way to really connect with your city’s and towns. And of course the people that are in them.

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ActorsLIFE:  What do you think are the main challenges facing actors today?
Day:  Let’s be honest, It’s always been a growing business and seems to be hot property, now more than ever! Everyone wants to be an actor nowadays it seems. I think I’m in an industry where you can’t afford to blink, otherwise the opportunity has gone! Your only as good as your drive and determination I think these days. Unfortunately there’s no room for excuses, laziness, or sitting around just waiting for a phone to never ring. If you really want it, you have to prioritise it!

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ActorsLIFE:  What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to become an actor?
Day:  Obsess over it… treat it like your new born baby, nurture it every single moment of the day. Put your business before you! If you fall in love with it, it will treat you better than any man or woman could ever do in life! Trust me on this one!
ActorsLIFE:  Do you need an agent? How do you get one?
Day:  I think it’s a big decision, some people go it alone. I did it alone for awhile and just went about my business acquiring as much footage and experience as possible. But I personally think it’s vital to have an agent, but not just any agent. It has to feel right, for you and for them. Be clear about your journey and as a team both work towards that. I think before even attempting to hit up an agency though. I’d go about casting websites acquiring vital experience via applying for jobs, landing them and also attend as many auditions as possible! Also get some decent head shots, giving you a range of looks so you’re more marketable and diverse. This is key for any agency looking to represent you and market you as a business. With all this said, You will network in no time what so ever if you’re constantly walking through doors because you’re always auditioning! Good luck to the future actors and actresses of this fine planet.

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Anthony trained as an Actor at one of the North's most prestigious theatre training Universities Bretton Hall. Having a successful career Performing, Producing and Directing Theatre, Musical Theatre and Theatre In Education, he went on to follow another passion as a Headshot Photographer however his heart truly remains on stage.

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