Over the years of supporting artists starting out on their journey, one question we have been asked time and time again is “how do I start?” It’s a pretty open ended question with a thousand answers so I tell them my personal story but with a caveat that its now nearly 20 years since I started on a career as an Actor and Director and the industry has changed considerably in that time.

Who better to impart their own experience than other actors and after one of our clients remarking how it would be great to hear ‘how others had broke out before them’, we took it upon ourselves to launch a new feature to our blog called Actors LIFE, a series of interviews with performing artists from all over the country.

We’re inviting you to share your story / journey. Other aspiring artists will be inspired and that’s a great reason to do it! We are also offering a platform to share your experiences, recent headshots, showreel, voicereel, that receives a steady stream of visitors from the industry too. Creating links back to your online presence increases ranking as well, bonus!

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We’ve made this questionnaire to make it an easy process, the resulting article will be a text based interview format. If you have any questions contact us direct or comment below!